ULSTN Radio is an app based internet radio network. Currently, available on Apple and Android devices we plan to offer urban content focused on individual markets. With music and radio shows being syndicated and mainstreamed, most cities have artists, personalities, and even advertisers that hardly get a chance to get air-time due to lack of opportunity.

The purpose of ULSTN is to bring radio back to the city. We’re currently streaming in St. Louis and in the process of adding at least 5 markets in our near future expansion, and eventually many markets across the globe.

Our Roles

ULSTN Radio will be different things to different people catering artists, listeners and the community as a whole. Here are a few roles we play:

  • A popular, accessible platform for underground, and trending music within a individual market, that also gives those with some to no experience a chance to broadcast.
  • A loyal supporter of the markets we are building in and expanding to.
  • A channel for our listeners to discover new music, and check out hometown favorites or artist buzzing in other markets.
  • A team of citizen journalists and music curators working hard to represent their communities.
  • A chance for businesses with small advertising budgets to still gain exposure to listeners located in their market

Our Next Move..

Development for our On-Demand functionality is currently underway for Apple, Android, and desktop devices to give you access to artist in individual markets. You will be able to check out your favorite and latest music from many others across the globe.

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